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Living Simpler in a Complex World

Our March Salon will tackle the idea of Living Simpler in a Complex World, which has implications on many levels. On a practical level we can take the approach of simplifying our lives in order to be more efficient or find peace of mind. Zen-like habits, decluttering our homes and living with minimal possessions have numerous psychological and spiritual benefits.

If we zoom out and look beyond a Western World filled with jam-packed pantries, cheaply made clothes and disorderly closets, there are global implications to slowing down and finding simplicity in our busy lives. In other terms: living simply so that others may simply live.

We’ve compiled a few resources for our moms to browse. It’s not mandatory and we won’t quiz you, so read as little or as much as you’d like. Gold stars for moms who incorporate simple living into their own homes may be in order.

Wikipedia: Simple Living
Wikipedia is a always a nice place to start the conversation. Here you’ll find jumping points for sustainable living, secular and religious viewpoints, anti-consumerism and increasing self-sufficiency.

Zenhabits: Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly
Blogger and Author Leo Babauta promotes simplicity in a chaotic world by providing very practical steps to achieving a more zen-like existence. He’s also made a large portion of his book Focus available for free to download.

Rowdy Kittens: Social Change Through Simple Living
Another blogger and author passionate about living simply, Tammy Strobel writes about living car-free, entrepreneurship and downsizing. In a recent post titled The No-Refrigerator Challenge she notes that “the average American throws away about 197 pounds of food every year.” Yikes! Her two books, Smalltopia and Simply Car-free, sound inspiring.

ABC Special: Are Today’s Kids Too Busy?
Have parents taken scheduling activities to an extreme? This short video looks at this controversial topic and suggests that many families do it to simply to “keep up with the Joneses”. Dr. Lisa Thornton outlines some of the warning signs to look for when trying to establish a balance between free-time and scheduled activities.

My Simpler Life: Creating a Saner, Simpler Life
Becoming consumed in materialism starts at a very young age. Here, mom blogger Beth, talks about practical tips on how to “tame” materialism when it comes to your child. A quick and easy read, this short article delves into the topic of teaching your children that brand-name clothing is a waste of money and that commercials are just about getting you to buy a product.

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