Interesting People Inspire Interesting Conversation

The world is full of amazing people from the past and present. Love them or hate them, a person’s character, claim to fame, inventions, talents and convictions can inspire discussions and debate on a wide range of fascinating topics.

We asked each mom to offer up a person they think is worthy of our salon and give us a mini-bio, just enough to get us chatting. It could be someone they admire, someone who inspires them to think outside the box or a person whose multi-faceted life begs us to dissect and discuss its choices and circumstances.

Here are a few people in detail and a few more may be posted as we get closer to our salon.

Victoria Caroline Beckham (née Adams)

Victoria Beckham Magazine Cover

D.O.B.: April 17, 1974

Profession: Fashion designer, business woman and former singer

Claim to Fame: Posh Spice of the Spice Girls

Famous Quotes:

”If you haven’t got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”

“You have to remember that when you are a performer you become a celebrity, but you are not saving lives. It’s not that important.”

Vashti McCollum

Vashti McCollum with her son.

D.O.B.: November 6, 1912 – August 20, 2006

Profession: Author, homemaker and the plaintiff in a landmark 1948 Supreme Court case that struck down religious education in the public schools.

Claim to Fame or what makes this person controversial or noteworthy: In 1945, Vashti McCollum, a mother of three and a part-time square-dancing teacher in Champaign, Ill. became one of the most notorious women in America when she sued the local public schools for teaching a class on Christianity.

Famous Quote: “As long as the public school is used to recruit the child or to segregate the children according to religion or to use the truancy power of the public schools to make them go to religions classes, I’m against it.”

Additional Information:

Separation of Church and State: PBS Airs Documentary of a Mother’s Story, The Huffington Post

The Woman Who Separated Church from State, Ms. Magazine

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

D.O.B.: January 9, 1982

Profession: Supporting charities

Claim to fame: Married to Prince William, 2nd in line to the throne, and fashion icon.

Famous quote(s): “About Princess Diana – Obviously I would have loved to have met her and she’s obviously an inspirational woman to look up to.”

“By far the best dressing up outfit I ever had was a wonderful pair of clown dungarees, which my Granny made.”

Additional Information:

The Official Website of the British Monarchy

Why Kate Middleton is picture perfect, The Observer

A few more interesting people:

Louis C.K.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Dolly Parton

Tim Tebow

Pierre Trudeau

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